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Why Books Are The Best Escape When Compared To Netflix Or Amazon Prime?

books are an escape

I get it. It can be weird for the ‘binge-watch generation’ to understand why books are the best escape.

Reading to escape reality is not a cool idea for Millenials. Not when they’ve so many options to keep them entertained.

But let me tell you, although movies and screenplays offer a visual treat, they cannot be your escape route from the world. Simply because, no matter how beautifully a film is made, it limits the scope of imagination.

Whereas, a human mind has a capacity to create the visuals even the best of the animations fail to produce. And that’s where books step in. They provide an unlimited supply of imaginary powers. It’s detailed descriptions and scenes transport a reader into a world where possibilities are immense.

When I read a book, I walk on a different journey altogether. I get to feel the waft of breeze and get warm from within. It’s like downing my favourite wine – sip by sip.

I step into a different person’s shoes and learn from second-hand experiences. I open myself to the possibilities different worlds have to offer. I travel the cosmos from the comfort of my bed.

Its my favourite activity to get a break from everyday stressors and the daily grind. Most importantly, I get an escape from the things that are not under my control.

Why Reading Is Better Than Binge-Watching?

he beauty of a book is it lets us travel as long we desire. We can pause and contemplate on a particular plot, scene, sentence – sometimes just a word. We identify a character’s frustrations, longings, and guess at their hidden motives.

Books let us get into a protagonist’s head – through the long passages where a character muses about their emotions. It puts our brains into a delightful trance. A movie works differently – depending on a viewer’s appetite for a rerun.

Novels and books help a person understand other’s mental state and the complexities of social life. It opens their minds to different perspectives. And most importantly, fiction reading boosts our word power – helping us express ourselves better and connect with others. Whereas, watching something simply switches off your neurons. Simply put, either you use them or you lose them.

Why Is Reading Important?

We’ve all heard from our teachers and elders about the many benefits of reading. And two neuroscience studies by NCBI have proven reading enhances our cognitive skills by keeping the brain active and boosts our brainpower.

Reading expands our growth as an individual and enriches our creativity. It helps us develop a better understanding of worldviews. It makes us feel and think in different ways and keeps our brains sharp. A good story gives us a sense of belonging which we all seek.

So, let your books entertain you, inspire you, and offer you a little happiness. Let a story take your mind off the worries – in the right way- by providing you with a temporary escape.

Can You Take The Challenge?

Most of the time, when I’m turning pages of a book, I am lost into the beauty of an unknown world. I’m unaware of the shackles of life, the daily routine, and chaos.

And so I invite you, dear readers, to take this challenge – pick up a book and find your haven. Sure, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other channels of entertainment are effortless and easier. They take less time. But a good book can be the best escape.

It yanks you off the harsh realities of life and plunges you into a different world. And reading is not just a gateway to an imaginary world. It is a pathway to becoming a more empathetic, creative, open, and a better version of yourself.

The next time you’re stressed, use your fears as an excuse to dust off a book from a library.

I’d take your leave with a quote from David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas:

“Books don’t offer real escape, but they can stop a mind scratching itself raw.”

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