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Bookish Accessories For A Book Reader And Where To Find Them

bookish accessories

Of course. You love books. Or Why else you’d be here?

Books are great! Almost as awesome, however, are the bookish accessories that can spice up your bibliophile personality.

Fortunately, there are plenty of book-themed accessories for book lovers who want to show off their literary love.

So, let’s go beyond books and find the book accessories every avid-reader must have if they’re always reading.

Here are what I see as essentials for every reader:


Handmade Page Holder

A page holder helps you hold the book pages wide open for convenient reading – with one hand. It leaves your other hand free to enjoy a cup of coffee or anything else you want to do with it while you read. 

Simply wear it on your thumb like a ring, pick your favourite book, and the two wings of the page holder will keep the pages wide open.


Literary Quotes Cuff or Locket

Wouldn’t you love to wear your favourite Harry Potter or Shakespeare quote and make a statement – in your typical bookworm style?

If yes, a literary quote cuff or locket can be your next purchase. And the best part about these accessories? You can always get these customized to add a reference to your favourite book, author, or character.


A Book Scarf

How do you like the idea of wrapping up with a good book scarf? 

While you can find hundreds of ready-to-ship ship book scarves online, custom services are also available at sites like All quotes and texts can be adjusted to feature your favourite. 


A Book Light

If you’re a night-time reader like me, a book light is an absolute necessity. With a book light, I’m able to read as far into the night as I feel, without keeping anyone awake.

Fortunately, there are almost as many designs of book lights as the book genres. So, you can always find one that meets your preferences.

However, it’s important to find a light that is easy-on-the-eyes, has a flexible neck, and an option to change the light-level. So make sure to read about the features before you hit the buy button. 


A Bamboo Bookrest

Made of bamboo, the bamboo bookrest is ideal for holding different sizes of books or folds for easy storage. They can sit on a bookshelf as a display unit. 

You can modify the angle and the little metal arms at the bottom also rotate so you get them out easily when it’s time to turn the page. 

There are plenty of options for bamboo bookrests, so do a little research before you choose one. Always go for the sturdy design – one that is not tippy and sits right on the desk without sliding.


A Reading Pillow 

A bed is the best place to read and lounge. However, when I read, I always struggle to sit upright or find the right position to rest my neck and back appropriately. I’d scrunch a standard pillow behind my back, but it never feels sufficient. I could never find a comfortable reading position until I got a reading pillow. 

If you’re anything like me, you probably need one. A good reading pillow can conform to your pressure points and support your back. They are strong enough to take the weight of your body and prevent strain on the shoulders, neck, and back. In short, they’ll help you sit in the right posture for a prolonged period.


Note: All the items on this list are available on Amazon and Etsy. Just do an Amazon or Etsy search for these products and you’ll find plenty of options to choose from.


Happy Shopping! 

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