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Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Bookshelf

creative ideas to decorate bookshelf


So you want to showcase your undying love for books? You are in luck! I’ve got some great bookshelf decor ideas for bibliophiles like you. 

With just a wee bit of purposeful placement and thinking outside the box, you can proudly show off your collection. 

Just like the image above.

Looks great, right? 

Well, you too can make your bookshelf look uber cool. 

So, without further ado, let’s get your bookshelf Instagram-ready


Floating Shelves of Different Sizes

You can’t go wrong with floating shelves. They are super chic! If you’re living in a small space, a floating bookshelf can help you create a fun shelfie without eating too much space. 

They are available in different shapes, sizes, and material so you can find one that works best within the space you’ve got. 

With a floating bookshelf, you can achieve a refined and smooth appearance; just utilize your walls efficiently. You can ladder them up, arrange them in vertical order, and get creative with an asymmetrical pattern. 


Include Fun Lighting

If you’ve got a dark, looming bookshelf, it’s time to illuminate it. Adding a contrasting light is a great way to draw the eyeballs. I personally love battery operated LED lights where you don’t have to hide the electrical sources. 

Another way to brighten up your bookcase is wallpapering the back panel of the shelf with vibrant colour. 


Hang Art and Paintings 

If you love art and craft, why not give them a space in your bookshelf? From the beautifully framed quotes to the children’s paintings, the juxtaposition between different shades and colours will add instant interest. You can also put a large-scale artwork in between two bookcases – this will set a tone and create a nice symmetry. 


Themed Bookshelves 

Want to add some excitement to your old bookshelf? Get creative and create a themed bookshelf. Be it Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, or Hunger Games; you can always customize it according to your taste. Your bookshelf can either be character or story inspired. With the extent of materials available online and in the market, it’s not difficult to achieve this.


Use Book Covers

You can always play around with those colourful book covers. I love arranging my books in blocks of colour – dark covers in one block, light ones in another. This way, the variations are endless. These days I am thinking of giving the rainbow pattern a try. 


Place Your Plant

Adding natural elements such as colourful pebbles and potted plants works like a charm. If you want to try a totally natural look, add flora of all sizes, shapes, and variety – overgrown ivy, flowering blooms, and feathery ferns – you’ll never run out of options. 


In the end, your bookshelf should reflect your style and personality. You can mix and match these decor ideas to make it work for your space. Whether you want to build a bookshelf from scratch or re-arrange a bookcase, these styling tips can help you add a bookish charm to your home.

And hey, what about you? How do you decorate your bookshelf? If you’ve got a creative bookshelf decor idea, feel free to share in the comments below. 

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