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How To Create Awesome Bookmarks At Home

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Here’s a thing: I lose Bookmarks. All the time. 

Somewhere along my To-Be-Read pile, I remember the cute bookmarks I bought are missing. So I end up marking my pages with pencil, old tickets, or whatever that’s handy.

Now if you also find yourself at a loss for the perfect bookmark for your favourite books, have no fear, because today I’ve got something for both of us:

  • I’m creating handmade bookmarks for my books 
  • And I’ve decided to write the directions here for you.

Let’s Get Crafty!


Card Stock Bookmark

For this bookmark, you’d need a heavy card-stock-like sheet that can add the support. 

Now cut the card stock into small, traditional sized bookmarks measuring six inches in length and two in width. 

Then, cut out a picture of your favourite characters or quote and glue it over the top. Feel free to try a different combination. And if you want to keep it simple, a patterned or floral sheet works like a charm. 



Elastic Band and a Button Bookmark

You can make a fold-over elastic bookmark with an elastic band. All you need is a strap elastic enough to wrap around your book and hold it for your next read. 



Just find a decent elastic strap and glue a button on it. So the next time you put your book down, you can use the strap to mark the page, and the button to mark the paragraph.


Old Photos & Thread Bookmark 

For this, you’ll need to grab a bunch of old photos that aren’t album worthy. 

Cut them out, punch a hole, add some knotted thread/wool, and you’re in business. 


Paper Clip with Ribbons Designed with Confetti 

Again, this one is pretty basic, yet super fun. 

Just take a paperclip, tie a couple of colourful ribbons at one end, and you’ve got your bookmark ready!

Want to add in more dazzle? Glue some glitters or confetti. 


Leather Bookmark with Favourite Character Stickers

Leather bookmarks are so on-trend. They are durable, versatile, and easy to work with. 

Cut a long leather strap of 10 X 1 inches, fold it over vertically so the two ends meet. Now stamp or glue one end, and engrave it. You’ve got your bookmark ready!


Bookmark Made of Fabric

What’s best about fabric bookmarks is the limitless availability of colours and patterns. From floral to polka dots, whimsical to wild, timeless to traditional, there’s a print for every mood. 

If you want one, take a cardstock or a popsicle, glue the fabric over, and you’re done.

If you can do some sewing, you can simply sew the fabric around the cardstock, and you’ll be good to go. 

Popsicle Bookmark

This one is pretty cool. All you need is a popsicle, some buttons, and coloured markers. 

Take the popsicle, colour it with your favourite shades. You can also add stickers, buttons, glitters – anything that matches your personality or the book you’re currently reading?


Knotted Wool or Yarn Bookmark 

I love the cosy feel the yarn brings. If you can knot, all you have to do is knot a 5-6 inch long strap by combining your favourite colours, and you’ll be good to go.

For more yarn bookmark inspiration, there are few great ideas from The Spruce Crafts.


That’s all folks. 


I’ve made myself a bunch of cool bookmarks. I’ll try not to lose them, but if I do, I can always create some more and update the directions here. 


Oh, and do me a favour, will you? Share this post with your bookish friends so they can also get crafty with us.