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Mini Read Resources For Those Who Don’t Find Time To Read

mini reads

Yes, busy people. The struggle is real!

There are classes to take, kids to look after, errands to run, side projects to manage, and of course, the social obligations to endure. 

You love reading. You want to read more. But when you start reading a book, another important (read urgent) task finds you, and you never finish it. 

But, here’s a thing – You’re not the only one. There are millions of people with schedules as busy as yours, and yet they manage to read. 

So, what are these people doing? 

One Word Answer: Alternatives. 

These people have found great alternatives in mini read online resources like:

  • Online articles
  • Essays 
  • Short-Stories 
  • Current Affairs/News

Now, this is the point where you say ‘the internet has so much content that it’s overwhelming.

And this is the point where I begin telling you about the best, most authentic, and highly engaging mini read resources every novice reader should bookmark:


Electric Literature

Electric Literature is an independent, non-profit digital publisher committing to publishing exciting, relevant, and inclusive writing. They publish unpretentious and intelligent pieces, elevating new voices at the intersection of different cultures and genres. 

In addition to essays, literary news, criticism, Electric Literature publishes the best of the short stories, flash fiction, poetry, graphic narrative, and novel excerpts. 

The best part? Everything published on the site is free for readers. 



Medium, with a vast community of insightful writers and storytellers, brings out the smartest takes on stories and topics that matter. It has high-quality articles and stories on just about any topic you can think of. 

If you’re new to reading, Medium is a perfect place to begin – it’s truly the only platform where ideas are born, shared, and spread. On Medium, you can read a limited number of articles per day. If you want to get unlimited access to all articles, you’d need to buy a membership.

The New Yorker

The New Yorker is a weekly magazine with a signature mix of stories on politics and culture, business and tech,  humour and cartoons, books and fiction, culture and custom, videos and podcasts, and more.

Digital subscribers of The New Yorker magazine get access to their complete archive that includes a replica of all the issues of their print magazine from 1925 till today.


3:AM Magazine

3:AM Magazine is an online journal of philosophy and radical literature. This literary magazine features fiction, poetry, short stories, literary criticism, and interviews with authors, publishers, philosophers and intellectuals. 

All the stories, articles, and interviews published on 3:AM Magazine are free for reading. 



Inkitt, as they call it, is a ‘reader-powered publisher’ where readers get free access to pre-published novels and stories from all the genres. Inkitt has a different approach to publishing; authors write, readers read, and Inkitt publishes the books that receive appreciation from the readers.

Inkitt also has an exclusive reads section for readers and book reviewers. When you sign up for the exclusive reads, you get free copies of books to read and review before the launch.


The Guardian

The Guardian – world’s leading liberal voice – publishes articles and stories on fact-checked world news, sport, culture, lifestyle, and expert opinion. It has a vast community of columnists who talk about everything happening globally. Not to mention a dedicated corner for people who love literature — you’ll find stories on the history of books, author interviews, fiction and poetry reviews, comfort reading, non-fiction summaries, and book recommendations.

The Guardian also has a weekly open thread for readers to discuss the stories they are reading and share what they think of them. 

All the resources are free for everyone. But with the paid digital subscription, you get an ad-free reading experience across all your devices.



Lit Hub is a centralised online space that celebrates the literary culture, books, authors, and best of the stories. It’s a place for writers, publishers, librarians, books and readers. 

It’s a site you can rely on for engaged, entertaining, and insightful writing about all things books.


What did I miss?

I’m excited to hear about the mini-read resources I missed adding to this list. If you know any, share them with us in the comments below.