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Online Libraries Where You Can Find Your Favourite Book For Free

online free books

Do your eyes light up when you hear ‘Free Books?’

Mine do. 

And that’s why I am always in search of sites and apps where I can read books for free. 

I’ve been using these online libraries for months now. And today I thought of sharing these gems with the world. I’ve two good damn reasons to do this:

  • All these online libraries deserve a shout out for providing the world with great fiction books (for Free!)
  • All of us, including you and I, need to read more books.

Now that we’ve established the intent of writing this article, let’s begin:



Established in 2004, ManyBooks has an extensive library of books in digital format for e-readers. It has a great collection of classic and modern books waiting to be discovered. 

All are available in popular e-read formats, and for free. It has become a platform for authors too; where self-published authors introduce their work to the ManyBooks readers – which means you get access to both old & new titles. 

Open Library

Open Library, with a huge directory of free books, is becoming a web page for every book published. This editable library catalog provides access to many out-of-print and public domain books that can be read online. Readers can browse books by subjects, authors or reading lists select members have created.

You can read Open Library’s BookReader editions in your web browser without installing additional software. The Internet Archive loans, however, are managed through Adobe Digital Editions. (The Internet Archive libraries have select digitized books that can be borrowed by one patron at a time, from anywhere in the world for free.)



At BookBub, readers can avail the bestselling book deals for free or at a discounted price. BookBub features limited-time promotional offers, unbeatable deals, and handpicked editorial recommendations in over twenty genres. 

These discounted books are written by critically-acclaimed independent and top-tier traditional authors. They are available on all devices including iPad, Nook, Android, and Kindle. 



Bookrix is an online eBook community where indie authors publish and distribute their stories, and online readers get to download them for free. These books are available in different genres including fiction, fantasy, romance, thriller, young adults and children’s eBooks.  

On Bookrix, free ebook download is easy. The downloaded books are delivered in epub format, that can be read on smartphones, e-readers, and popular tablets.


Project Gutenberg


Project Gutenberg has a library of over 61860 free ebooks that are accessible from Kindle, iPad, Android devices, and Web Browsers.

It’s a collection of the best of the books – from classics to modern writing- made available in the public domain, for convenient reading on the digital devices. Readers can download these books directly to their e-reader by pointing to or download them on their PC.




Wattpad is a global community of millions of readers and writers connected together through the power of stories. On Wattpad, authors publish stories across all genres imaginable, and readers read them for free. 

From classics to general fiction, poetry, fan-fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, humour, teen fiction, LGBTQ+, technothrillers, cyberpunk, meet-cure, and fairytales – Wattpad has stories on everything under the sun!

Readers connect with the authors by commenting and voting on their works. At Wattpad Picks section, Wattpad spotlights unique stories that are hand-curated by the Wattpad staff. 


Over to You Now:

I’d love to hear about any sites I missed. If you have any app or site where you find free books online, please spread the word by mentioning them in the comments section below!