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What Every Bibliophile Should Do Once In Their Lifetime

things book lovers should do


For a true bibliophile, every day is a book lover’s day. You love to cuddle up with a good book. You keep adding more and more books to your TBR pile. And you’d totally live in a library if you could. 

But here’s a thing — You can also show your undying dedication to books in a more creative and adventurous way.

Of course, cuddles with books are great. But wouldn’t you love taking your celebration one step further? 

So, here are seven bookish activities that go beyond the occasional book chat and allow the reads you love to seep into your life in bigger ways:


#1. Work at a Bookshop

What could be a better way to surround yourself with the best books than working at a bookshop? 

If you’re thinking of a library, yes it’s a great option. But working at a bookshop is a different experience altogether. I’m referring to the opportunity to be a trusted source of recommendation for a customer, the random chats about beloved books, or maybe a chance to meet the authors. 

If you want to explore this possibility, just ask an independent bookstore owner to hire you as an intern or part-timer. 


#2. Create a Book Club

Book Clubs are classic for a reason. While reading is a solo activity, it can be twice as fun when you get together with your bibliophile friends.

Imagine getting the chance to talk about the twist you never saw coming or vent over why the main character ended up with his best friend and not the woman he loved. 

While it’s great to discuss books on Instagram, creating or joining a book club in real life can be a truly rewarding experience. 


#3. Live a Day As Your Favourite Protagonist/Antagonist 

Ask any fiction lover and they’d say that living a day as their favourite character is on their wish-list. 

While this may sound odd to many people, a true bibliophile and a literature lover will know how exciting it can be.

You can dress up like them. Mimic their dialogues. Eat the food they love. Do their jobs. The options are limitless! This definitely doesn’t mean you mimic the character of Dracula and start killing people. But who knows, that could be fun too! Just kidding! 😛

In all, living a day as a book character can be super exciting and memorable – and that makes it a must-try for all bookworms. 


#4. Host a Book-Themed Party

You can take the previous one to the next level by hosting a book festival or a book-themed party. Ask your guests to dress as a fictional character, design games featuring popular titles, or cut a cake in the shape of a paperback. 

And at the end of the night, gather around the table, share treats with each other, and talk about your best novel moments. 


#5. Visit Libraries Around the World

Sure you can read about the best libraries on the web. But one of the most fun things to do is visiting them. It’s so interesting to see what different libraries recommend to their communities, soaking up the sacred bookish environment, and then grabbing a book as a souvenir from your visit – these are experiences you’ll never forget.

Want to take this to the next level? Visit the locations in your bookish films or your favourite books – following your favourite character’s footsteps is never a stale idea. 


#6. Donate Books Anonymously 

Okay, what could be better than donating books anonymously? I think it’s something all book lovers should do – at least once in their lifetime. 

Imagine leaving a book on a park bench, a coffee house, or in a building’s lobby – knowing that a random person will pick it and meet your favourite character, without knowing where it came from -is it not strangely thrilling? 

Try this and find out for yourself! Trust me, the happiness that you get out of it is beyond compare!


#7. Set Up Your Own Library 

I have had this one on my wishlist for years. I want to set up my own library – a room full of books. 

I have a bookshelf and I love it more than my wardrobe. But a personal library sounds more fun. So one of these days, I’ll convert my guest room into a library. And I hope you’ll build yours too! 


There it is. 

Seven fun bookish things all bookworms should try. 


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