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Why Books Are The Best Gifts

books are gifts


Last winter when I was moving to a new city, my colleague got me a going-away present – George Orwell’s 1984. 

We weren’t even friends! And I was not a fan of dystopian novels like 1984. But when she told me the book had been banned in the past for its political and social theme, I knew I was going to read it. 

And I read it – throughout the journey – in the plane and then the metro drive to my apartment. When I finished reading Orwell’s tremendously sculpted plot, I knew I had to buy more of his books. 

I also knew I had to befriend this girl who has such a good taste in literature. 

Now, months later she’s a dear friend and we talk about everything under the sun. And when I look back, I see how his girl, with one book, slithered into my brain forever. 

Isn’t that what good gifting is all about?

Now, back to why books make a great gift:

Books Are Thoughtful Presents

The most thoughtful gift is the one that aims to not embellish but compliment who the person is – and a book does that easily. It’s an acknowledgement of a person’s interest and an investment in a friendship. 

Unlike flowers or bouquets, a book will stay with them forever – it never gets outdated. And each time they open the book, they’ll think of the person who got them the book. What could be better than that?

Books Are Easy To Wrap & Portable

Anything that’s not flat defies all wrapping logic. A book is so easy to wrap, I could wrap one every minute – roll out the wrapping paper, centre the book, fold the paper, and tape the edges. 

Rarely an odd size, a book can fit easily into a bag- without giving you a headache about the weight or durability.  

The Options Are Endless 

My number one reason for giving books as a present is that I never run out of options. There’s always something for everyone. 

Since I shop online, finding a perfect book is so easy. I can search and browse titles by topics, age, author, genre, and review, and recommendations – couldn’t get any easier. Simply put, books are great for any age, gender or interest. 

They Are Affordable 

Books don’t break your bank account. Whether you’ve a budget of $5 or 20, you’ll always find a great read. Sure, there’s the pricey hardcover but the paperbacks are always great bargains. 

Books Don’t Need Accessories 

All you need in order to read a book is a place where you can sit. No batteries needed. No electricity. No cover. Just open it, smell those papery pages, sit in a comfy chair, and you’re good to go!


With The Gift Of A Book, You Give The Joy Of Reading

In what may be an inspiring gesture, when you give a book, you’re giving more than the bound pages. You’re sharing the joy of reading. You’re sparking curiosity, introducing innovation, and opening opportunities. You’re sending them on a mental vacation – all of the vast new worlds with none of the cramped airline seats.

I think Neil Gaiman put it best when he said”

“Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them. And it’s much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world!”