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Best Funky Stationery Shopping Sites for Book Lovers

To the point: If your home office, bookshelf or study desk is due for a design update but you don’t know where to find the best stationery products, you’re in the right place. 

Yes, stationery shopping at a brick-and-mortar store sounds fun, but can you neglect the convenience of digital browsing? 

You can completely deck-out your digs to find the funkiest, on-trend, and unique stationery products, while also being able to compare costs.

And the best part? You don’t have to drain your bank balance to make it all happen. A lot of stationery shopping websites offer affordable stationery products and discounts on big-ticket purchases that may not be available in stores.

So, if you really want your desk or bookshelf to exude those funky, vintage, and classy vibes, start picking up stuff from these funky stationery shopping sites:


This stationery shopping site specializes in one-of-a-kind bookish merchandise, sourced from dealers all over the world. Apart from the must-have stationery products such as pens, diaries, office supplies, Milligram offers specialist items such as pen customisation, custom wax seals, bullet journals and more. 


The Papier Project is one of the best stationery shopping stores for ornate decor, premium gifting, and tabletop accessories — where all items are locally produced and sold at entry-level prices.

What sets The Papier Project apart from its competitors is the complete custom stationary solutions. They work with clients directly and complement their requirements with personalised solutions. 


While you might wander to StatMo’s website for their always-impressive collection of statement desk accessories, their stationery section is truly the stuff of legend. has 8000+ listings of Office supplies, bookish accessories, school stationery & art & craft products you can think of. From pen to papers, computer accessories to ink toners — you get it all! 


Mini in the box favours a funky, angular silhouette, but in a high-impact style that’s all it’s own. There are plenty of on-trend wooden, metallic, and marbled stationery products and bookish accessories throughout. 


Engrave is a platform for finding unique art, craft, stationery, and home decor products crafted by the artisans across India. It’s a perfect place for finding products that are rare, aren’t mass-produced, and can be customised to match your personality. 


This contemporary stationery marketplace is always buzzing with fresh finds. 

From office supplies to page markers, desk accessories to tape dispensers, Mustard has stationery items that let you work happy from dawn till dusk.

Mustard brings the perfect combination of quality and design in everything they produce — Bookends, Notebooks, Sticky Notes, Clippers, Dispenser, Planners, Markers, you name it!


Well, the list ends here. 


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