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Bookish Words Every Bibliophile Will Relate With


There. Now that I’ve scared away everyone who hates wacky words, we can talk about some unusual words about the book and word lovers. 

Us readers often called as, ‘bookworms,’ love words. All the words —  small and big, easy and tough, we read them, write them, and use them whenever appropriate. We also love to collect them, especially the ones related to reading, literature, and all things bookish. 

And so, I decided to dedicate an article to the best bookish terms. For this article, I have collated some interesting and fun words every bibliophile can pen down for their perusal. 

These terms may not be to an Oxford English Dictionary standard, but they are extremely gratifying and fairly exciting to any book lover. 

Let’s take a look at some of the bookish words to tickle your fancy:


  • Angsticipation 


Angsticipation is a feeling you experience after finishing the latest book in a series that ends on a serious cliffhanger. 

The worst part? There’s no estimate about the publication date for the next volume. 


  • Omnilegent


Ever come across a person who has ‘read it all’?

Name any book and it turns out they’ve read it already. 

These nerdy bookworms are ‘Omnilegents.’ They have read everything. 


  • Bookarazzia. 


If you’re on Instagram or Pinterest and you love books, I’m sure you’ve come across Instagrammers who excitedly take pictures of the books they read and post them online. 

Well, this group of people have got a name too: Bookarazzia. 


  • BookSniffing (Bibliosmia)


Remember that gratifying feeling when you inhale the scent of a book? Yes, that’s what we’re talking about. There’s a word for it: Bibliosmia


  • Book-Bosomed


Book-bosomed is a person who carries a book with them all the time, no matter where they are and what they’re doing.


  • Page-a-vu 


Well, the meaning is pretty evident here. 

Much like Deja vu, Page-a-vu is the experience of reading a page or section in a book you haven’t read before and yet it feels oddly similar.


  • Readgret


The sadness or feeling of fury for putting off reading a book until now and realising you should’ve read it years ago. 


  • Logophile 


Logophiles love words. Writing, reading, or creating them. They love it all. 


  • Bibliophage


Bibliophagist (plural bibliophagists) 

A bibliophage; one who loves to read books.

A bibliophage is a voracious or avid reader. In short, a devourer of books. 


  • Bookklept


If you’ve been a thief of books and have sneaked from libraries with your ‘oh so precious‘ books, you will totally get what we’re talking about. Bookklepmt is a person who steals books. 


  • Librocubicularist 


Love reading in bed? That makes you a Librocubicularist. I know it’s difficult to pronounce, but try it out. Trust me, its fun!


  • Tsundoku


There is no denying that all of us book readers have done this. That huge pile of books piling up in our homes without us reading them. Well, there’s a word for it folks! Its called Tsundoku. The term originated in the Meiji era as Japanese slang.


These are my favourite bookish words that I’m trying to use when talking to my book pals. But, chances are, you’ve stumbled upon a couple of bibliophile terms that I haven’t mentioned, but are worth adding here. So, feel free to add them in the comments section. 

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