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Literary Subscription Boxes for Bibliophiles

Did you know that people who read regularly tend to be more productive, smart, empathetic and healthy than non-readers?

Well, now you do!  

And what could be a better way of discovering and devouring more books than subscribing to a monthly book box?

Literary subscription boxes are the best presents for true bibliophiles. Not only do these boxes help you find a new beloved author in your favourite genre, but they’re sure to last well beyond a milestone celebration or a holiday. 

Suffice to say, the literary subscription boxes have helped me discover the first book in a new series. I get to tailor my monthly shipments according to my reading tastes, eliminate the decision-making process, and receive extra surprise and goodies. 

All in all, they make an uber-cool gift for book lovers with some steep reading goals. Apart from delivering the cutting-edge reads, these boxes deliver an array of curated picks based on the genres you love.

So, scroll down and treat yourself a day of distraction.

(We’re not saying you have to sign up for all these literary boxes, but we’re not not saying that, either.)


The Bookish Box

The Bookish Box sends all its subscribers a themed book shipment of books and special merchandise items. Each month, they announce a new theme and include titles that best match the theme. 

Apart from books of all genres, it’s the bookish goodies that catch your attention — monthly shirt, collector bookmark, sticker, coaster, bookmap wallet, home decor, and compass ring. 


The Biblio Box

The Biblio Box is an Instagram-first literary box service that offers a monthly subscription plan for bookworms. With a new theme every month, you get a chance to enjoy reads from popular topics. 

With The Biblio Box’s monthly plan, you get a set of two books. So each month you have a chance to find something new. You can also upgrade to books+goodies and get interesting goodies of your choice. 


The Booklings Crate

The Booklings Crate provides it’s subscribers with newly released storybooks, novels, and bookish merchandise every month. 

They mainly deliver fantasy and fiction books from genres such as YA Fiction, Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Adult Fiction, Crime, Thriller, Mystery and much more.



Known as a popular kids book-club, Bookroo has interesting literary subscription boxes dedicated for pre-teens. Subscribers can choose from three different types of boxes — Board Books Box (3 board books per box), Picture Books Box (2 Picture Books per box), and Chapter Books Box (2 Chapter Books per Box).

At Bookroo, you can sign up for any of the subscription boxes and they’ll send your way two or three books per box. 



With JustBooksBox literary subscription, you get a minimalist book box delivered at your door, every month. What makes JustBooksBox different is their focus on emerging authors and brand new voices. 

So, if you’re seeking new authors and have a thing for trying different genres and varied size books, JustBooksBox should be the pick. 


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