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Must-Haves in a Bibliophile’s Travel Bag


The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

I’ve always loved this quote by St. Augustine. In fact, I’ve painted it in my reading room. 

To me, it serves a dual purpose: It reminds me of all the places I want to travel to, and it also tells me my books are the plane, the train, and the road to a land far away. 

Why mention this quote? Because today, I’ll talk about a bibliophile’s travel bag – a topic that sums up my love for both books and travel. 

So, if you too find travelling with books exciting, this post is for you. 

Whether you’re off to trek across a new country or a solo road trip  – you’re going to want to be sure to carry these must-haves in your travel bag. 

So, let’s start. Here’s to making your travel reading experience the best one:

A Collection of Good Books

It wouldn’t be fair to talk about a bibliophile’s travel bag without discussing books.

After all, they are a travel companion like no other. 

But you’ve to be thoughtful when packing your stack in a suitcase. Take consideration of the weight, sizes, and durability. 

For example, Hardcovers, while heavy to carry, are less prone to wear and tear. Paperbacks, though lighter in weight, can crumple at the corners and fold when you aren’t careful enough. 

Apart from the material, you should consider your destination, means of commute, and the travel duration. So, pick the books accordingly. If you’re not sure about which books to read while travelling, we’ve compiled for you a list of best travel books.


“Book Worm” Tote Bag

Tote bags are an essential accessory for bibliophiles who travel – one space to store your keys, tickets, cash and cards, and obviously books. 

Whether you’re travelling to far-off lands or discovering a new eatery in a distant locale, a tote bag that carries all your essentials can cut the travel hassle. 

Thankfully, many online stores sell eco-friendly and durable tote bags, emblazoned with the quotes and photos that set them apart as a ‘bookworm’ tote bag. 

Personalised Bookmark 

Ever read a book only to lose your place because you didn’t have a bookmark? Happens to the best of us. 

When you’re reading, just about anything, including your pen, snack wrapper, and newspaper cutting, can become bookmarks. 

But if you had one of those unique, custom-made page markers, reading will certainly be more fun to get back to.  


Yes, A physical book is much nicer to take to bed than a kindle. The smell, the feel, and the sentiment – an e-reader can never give you the same experience. 

But when you’re travelling, convenience trumps sentiment. It’s easier to carry a kindle in your bag than a pile of books. 


Kindle Cover or a Ziplock Bag

Your travel bag needs an additional layer of protection to make sure your books or kindle doesn’t get damaged due to unforeseen things like a water spill or an accident.

It can be a zip lock bag for your physical books and a kindle cover for your e-reader. On Amazon, you can fuel your search for the finest kindle cover and ziplock bags that also match your travel needs. 


Bookworm Wrap Ring

Perfect for the book lovers, a bookworm wrap ring is a bookish way of making a style statement. 

They are available in cute and unique designs on – great for all genders and ages. And you can get these customized as you like. 

Portable Book Lamp

For a bookworm, there’s no greater pleasure than the freedom to read anywhere, at any time. And why should time decide your reading mood? 

So, let there be light! Buy a portable book lamp, cling it to your book, and read your way to heaven!


That’s all. 


Let me know what you think of these accessories. Have a favourite we forgot to add? Hit the comments below!