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Promising Romance Authors of 2020

No other feeling compares to falling in love. It’s a powerful feeling that brings both bliss and aching anxiety. But when you’re sure that someone loves you, you feel safe and secure. It’s like crawling into a sanctuary that no one can ever drag you out of. 

In these crazy times, we need romance now more than ever. To supply you with all the feels, here are 5 of the promising romance authors of 2020 you should be reading right now.

Emma Lord

Emma Lord can teach us a thing or two about present-day romance. 

Her newly released debut novel, Tweet Cute, is about Pepper and Jack who get embroiled in a Twitter battle. Meanwhile, they have no idea that they’re slowly falling in love with each other through an anonymous chat app that Jack created. Even the online bystanders who watch their public quarrel can’t help but feel the unlikely compatibility between the two.

You certainly don’t want to miss out on this lighthearted rom-com romp. You won’t have to wait too long for more of Emma Lord’s brand of romance because next year marks the release of her second novel You Have A Match!

Phil Stamper

Phil Stamper brings his fascination with NASA’s 60s and 70s-era space programs and crafts a charming coming-of-age romance novel. 

The Gravity of Us is about 17-year-old online journalist Cal whose father gets enlisted to NASA’s mission to Mars. To escape the media, they move from their home in Brooklyn to Houston. There, he meets and falls in love with Leon whose father is hoping to join the mission as well. Not only does Cal have to deal with his father’s mission to Mars; he also has to handle the roller coaster of emotions that comes with first love.

Casey McQuiston

Casey McQuiston is a young author who seems to like her romance on a grand scale. 

Her beloved debut Red, White, & Royal Blue imagines an America with its first female president. One day, the president’s son Alex gets in an altercation with Henry, Princes of Wales. This does not look good for U.S. and UK relations. 

As a solution, the two boys pretend to make up on Instagram. Eventually, though, this staged burying-of-the-hatchet grows into true love. 

Jen DeLuca

Jen DeLuca based her debut novel Well Met on her experiences as a volunteer for her local Renaissance faire. The fictional stand-in for DeLuca is Emily, who moves to Willow Creek to take care of her injured sister. While there, she gets dragged into volunteering at the local Renaissance faire with her niece. There she meets Simon, a school teacher who’s in charge of the volunteers. When they’re out of character, he simply can’t stand Emily and her ideas to change things up at the faire. For some reason, though, he gets flirty whenever she puts on her wench’s costume…

This is the first book in the Well Met series. The second book, Well Played, comes out later this year. 

Jane Igharo

In Ties That Tether, Jane Igharo presents an all-too-relatable story of a Nigerian-born woman named Azere who must choose between her family and her true love. 

When her father died, she promised him that she would marry a good Nigerian man. This vow that she made when she was only twelve proves to be difficult to keep especially since she and her family moved to Canada years ago. One night, she meets a kind and handsome man named Rafael Castellano. He’s an excellent match for her, but there’s only one problem: he’s white. 

This debut is essential reading for anyone who has ever had to choose between love and family; tradition and personal happiness.  

Now that you know who to read, wrap yourself up in your favourite blanket, make that cup of tea, and cherish a book filled with romance.