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Boy Meets Humanity in Trent Dalton’s Debut Novel ‘Boy Swallows Universe’

In Trent Dalton’s gritty coming-of-age debut, Boy Swallows Universe, we enter the mind of Eli Bell, an eagle-eyed 12-year-old who gets thrust into a whirlwind of drugs, addiction, violence, racism, and classism.    Eli’s brother, August, speaks only when absolutely necessary. For the most part, he writes cryptically in the air. Eli’s spiritual mentor is …

Writing Tips

How to Write an Epic Novel like the Game of Thrones

  When I first started watching Game of Thrones (and then read it too), I was fascinated at the balance of reality and fiction.  In this story, princes aren’t always kind and gallant. Princesses get rescued by monsters. Good men die, and the villains prosper.  We root for protagonists who turn into a villain. We …

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Literature Techniques : Different Types Of Sensory Imagery (With Examples)

If you’re a writer or you’ve studied creative writing, chances are you’ve come across the expression ‘Show, Don’t Tell.’ In literature and poetry, this is called ‘Sensory Imagery’ — the use of different expressions and figurative language to evoke a sensory experience in the reader.  When authors use the imagery in their writings, they provide …

Writing Tips

Five Tried and Tested Methods for Writing a Novel 

  Established authors have said it before and we’ll say it again: Novel writing methods or structures aren’t an exact science. So, you’re not bound to the rules. You’re welcome to stray from the path they present.  They are simply there to help you discover your narrative’s footing or provide you with a basic blueprint.  …