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Truth is Twisted in The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes

Tony Webster was supposed to lead an exciting life. As an intelligent teenager who regularly took the piss out of his professors, he did not envision the adulthood that he lives now. He has an adult daughter he barely speaks to, an ex-wife who finds him amusing at best, a string of “projects” that rarely …

Book Reviews

Boy Meets Humanity in Trent Dalton’s Debut Novel ‘Boy Swallows Universe’

In Trent Dalton’s gritty coming-of-age debut, Boy Swallows Universe, we enter the mind of Eli Bell, an eagle-eyed 12-year-old who gets thrust into a whirlwind of drugs, addiction, violence, racism, and classism.    Eli’s brother, August, speaks only when absolutely necessary. For the most part, he writes cryptically in the air. Eli’s spiritual mentor is …